Wind Enables NBFCs to Make Fast and Accurate Decisions

Wind’s NBFC software refers to  software solutions designed to meet the specific needs of non-banking financial companies. NBFCs and financial institutions that have a comprehensive financial services similar to established banks, but are not licensed to accept demands deposited from the public.

Wind gives complete functionality to manage the most important of NBFCs including loan management, customer management, accounting, risk assessment, compliance, and reporting. It is simplified and computerized. Various processes allow NBFCs to operate efficiently and effectively.

Key Features and Functionalities Found in NBFC Software

Loan Management

NBFC software enables efficient loan origination, origination and servicing. It automates the loan application process, documentation, loan appraisal and security management. It also facilitates interest calculation, loan repayment tracking and cost calculation.

Customer Management

Wind software helps NBFCs preserve a well-organized database of customer information, and financial history including personal details and credit reports. It allows for secure KYC (Know Your Customer) verification, customer relationship management and customer onboarding.

Accounting and Financials

The software includes powerful accounting modules that allow handling cash flow management, financial transactions, financial reporting and general account management. This specific support ensures compliance with accounting standards and the recording of finances.

Risk Assessment

The NBFC software includes management tools for assessing the credit worthiness of borrowers and estimating the overall risk of the NBFC. It also includes risk rating methods, collateral evaluation mechanisms and credit scoring models.

Compliance and Regulatory Reporting

NBFCs are subject to various reporting obligations and regulatory requirements. NBFC software helps automate and ensure compliance checks with regulatory guidelines. It prepares reports required by regulatory bodies such as the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in the case of Indian NBFCs.

Analytics and reporting

Wind’s NBFC software often provides analytical tools and reporting dashboards to gain insights into loan portfolio, customer behavior and financial performance. These features enable you to make data-driven decisions and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs).

Integration and Customization

NBFC software can be integrated with other systems, such as payment gateways, credit score or document management systems. It can also provide customization options to align with specific business processes and workflows.

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Overall, Wind’s NBFC software empowers NBFC to be inefficient in their operations, mitigate risks, deliver better customer experiences, enhance productivity, and ensure compliance. It plays a crucial role in enabling efficient and scalable management of NBFCs lending and financial activities.

Important Features of NBFC Software

The NBFC sector in India has witnessed exponential growth over time. Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) are fiscal entities that provide fiscal services and banking establishments without enjoying a banking license. NBFC provides services like loan origination, insurance, P2P lending, acquisition of shares etc. NBFCs are playing an important role in the development of Indian economy. To accelerate this growth of the NBFC sector, these realities make it imperative to adopt smart technology. Traditional NBFCs continue to adapt with little support from technology. It is not easy for NBFCs to reach and provide their services in remote areas of the country. These realizations are largely operated manually. NBFCs should try to use NBFC software to reduce overall pool cost, increase customer satisfaction, handle loan inquiries and avail other benefits.

At the request of the times, NBFCs have to be creative and provide services that adapt to the changing circumstances of the guests. By adopting technological advancements and using technology in their services, NBFCs can increase their reach and expand their customer base and cut down on operational costs. All leading NBFCs have made their way to Eclipse due to its ability to offer, customize and reduce operational costs by offering their products as per the requirements of their guests. NBFC Software will help NBFCs to simplify their operations and make them more stoner friendly. In addition. Wind’s software will also protect NBFCs from frauds and help build a customer base with an effective workflow.

NBFC software typically includes a wide range of features to support the core operations and management of Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs). Here are some common features found in NBFC software:

Loan Application

Efficiently manage the loan lifecycle, including loan origination, processing, disbursement, tracking, and collections. It handles tasks such as loan application processing, credit evaluation, collateral management, repayment schedule, and delinquency management.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Maintain a centralized customer database including  information, comprehensive customer biographies, loan details, financial history and credit scores. It helps in providing robust services, client onboarding, KYC verification and managing client relationships.

Financial Reporting

Enable accurate and streamlined financial operations including general reconciliation and financial reporting. It helps in shadowing income and charges, preparing financial statements and ensuring compliance with account norms.

Risk Assessment and Compliance

Assessment of credit worthiness of borrowers, management of risk and compliance with regulatory stipulations. This may include credit scoring models, threat standing methodologies, AML (anti-money laundering) checks and compliance monitoring tools.

Document Management

Store and manage important documents related to loan applications, customer information, agreements and compliance records. It allows for easy retrieval, secure storage, version control, and document sharing.

Reporting and Analytics

Generate customizable reports and analytics dashboards to gain insights into loan portfolio, customer behaviour, financial performance and compliance status. It helps in monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs), identifying trends and making informed decisions.

Workflow automation

Automate routine tasks and workflows to improve efficiency and reduce manual errors. May include email notifications, document creation, workflow approval, and task assignments.

Integration Capabilities

Integrated with external systems such as payment gateways, credit bureaus and document verification services for seamless data exchange and process optimization.

Mobile and online access

Provide web and mobile interfaces for customers and staff to access information, submit loan applications, make payments and track loan status. This enhances convenience and improves the overall customer experience.

Scalability and Customization

Provide scalability to accommodate business growth and customization options to align with specific business processes and requirements.

These features collectively enable NBFCs to streamline their operations, enhance productivity, manage risks, ensure compliance, and deliver better customer experiences. The specific features may vary depending on the software provider and the unique needs of an NBFC.


NBFC software is an essential tool for Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) as it provides them with the necessary tools to manage their operations efficiently and effectively. It includes many features such as loan management, customer relationship management, accounting and financial, risk assessment and compliance, document management, reporting and analysis, workflow automation, integration capabilities, mobile and online access, scalability and customization. All these features work in process to help NBFCs provide better customer experience while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. With this software, NBFCs can rest assured that they are well equipped to meet the challenges of today’s competitive business environment.

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