Why You Need More Than Security Cameras to Protect Your Home

Security cameras are an important component to every business and home security system. But they should never be the only means of protecting a property against crime. Another way of saying it is this: you need more than just security cameras to protect your home.


Security cameras can be defeated. Criminals can hide their faces to protect their identities. So if cameras are your only home security strategy, you’re still better off than a neighbor who takes no security precautions at all. But you are not as well protected as another neighbor who has pulled out all the stops to make his property secure.


Cameras Disabled in Philadelphia


No security device or strategy is 100% foolproof. Cameras are no exception. A recent case in Philadelphia illustrates the point perfectly. The case involves a burglar who broke into a local church and then disabled interior security cameras before roaming around the building and stealing various items.


Initial news reports did not reveal exactly what was stolen. However, investigators were able to release images from exterior video cameras the thief did not disable. The images show his face clearly. Police are now asking for the public’s help in identifying the man.


Criminal identification is one of the chief purposes of installing security cameras. In this particular case, the exterior cameras did what they were supposed to do. The interior cameras, not so much. But what other steps had church officials taken to prevent burglary? We don’t know.


Just One Aspect


Video surveillance is just one aspect of minimizing crime risks. Do not misunderstand. Installing cameras is still a good idea. As Vivint Smart Home and other industry players continually point out, security cameras act as a deterrent. But the Philadelphia case affirms the fact that they are a better deterrent when criminals have other obstacles to overcome.


This is why experts recommend a long list of additional security strategies including:


  • Installing heavy-duty deadbolt locks.
  • Installing extra window locks.
  • Reinforcing first floor entry points.
  • Creating unobstructed views from the street.
  • Installing a monitored home security system.


Every security strategy a person utilizes creates yet another barrier to successful crime. But understand that barriers are not just physical in nature. There are also practical and psychological barriers.


Practical and Psychological Barriers


Practical barriers are mainly behaviors and activities that make committing crimes more difficult. For example, it makes no sense to constantly put up social media posts displaying your wealth and possessions. Tech savvy thieves know how to scan social media looking for targets. A practical barrier to such activity is maintaining privacy on social media. Do not put up posts that help criminals succeed.


Psychological barriers are barriers that force criminals to think twice before they act. If a burglar believes a targeted home might be occupied, he will think twice before trying to break in. Knowing this gives you an edge. You can take steps to confuse burglars about whether your home is occupied.


The more doubt you can create in the mind of a burglar, the more likely you are to avoid being burglarized. Likewise, making life hard on criminals makes it harder for them to target you. Your willingness to resist directly correlates to your likelihood of being victimized.


Security cameras are an absolute must for modern home security. But they should not be a property owner’s only strategy for preventing crime. Security cameras should be combined with every possible physical, practical, and psychological barrier. Keeping criminals away is a matter of putting up more barriers then they are willing to deal with.

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