What You Can Do With Webcast Services

Undoubtedly, webcasts are one of those powerful tools for businesses, organizations and individuals. It helps in reaching out to new audiences using event live-streaming services.

However, it’s a connected chain in which webcasts support live streaming and live streaming is further supported by a live streaming service platform. There are many platforms that provide services to stream your event live such as Facebook live streaming services, Twitter live streaming services, Periscope live streaming and Youtube live streaming services.

So without further ado, let’s discuss what kind of streaming you can do for webcasts.

What Can You Do With The Webcast?

Confused about live-streaming ideas? There are many different things you can do with webcasts. Here are some of the best live-streaming ideas.

Product Launches

If you own a business, then live streaming of your products and their launches can be the best way to connect with customers from all over the world. Live streaming allows people from everywhere to join your live stream regardless of physical location and that too, in real-time.

With webcasts, they can directly interact with event planners and hosts. Product launches through webcasts can be considered a very convenient way to launch your new product while educating your audience about the product.


Heard about the game live streaming? Gaming webcasts aren’t a new thing. It’s the live broadcasts of video games. These kinds of live streaming are done for entertainment purposes and sometimes to educate about games (how to play games). Nowadays, people are earning from the live streaming of games. If you are interested in games then game live streaming can be a great way to show off your skills and can even monetize your talent!

Town Hall

Town halls are the live events where large businesses and organizations conduct their meetings with their customers, company members and employees. In these events, attendees can freely ask questions and give their feedback, and this will help in improving the communication between businesses and their related customers. However, you can enjoy these meetings from your comfort without giving a physical presence in the meetings.

Live News Streaming

We all watch live news broadcasts on our TV or cell phones. Live news webcasts are the live broadcasts of events that are happening in the area. These events cover everything from politics to society, from society to health, from health to the world, just everything. With live news streaming, we know in advance about weather changes or natural disasters. As a result, people all over the world are informed in advance about all events.


Podcasting refers to the live streaming of audio-based content. It includes video content too. These are the live stream of useful information done using the internet in the form of audio and sometimes video too, by businesses who want to share their thoughts, business lectures or interviews. Live streaming of such podcasts can be a convenient way to reach a lot of people and beneficial in sharing knowledge.

Q & A Sessions

Question and answer sessions are again one of the live broadcasts where the public can interact with the hosts. Generally, this type of live streaming is mostly suitable for businesses that want to develop their business internally and externally. This allows businesses to connect with their potential customers and employees. Also, it’s proven to be the most effective way for hosts to get real-time feedback from their audience.


How can we forget live Interview sessions? interviews are in the list of live broadcasts where hosts take interviews of celebrities, special guests or any other individual. This type of webcast is best because they save time and travel by live video interviewing, and also it reduces costs. However, this live stream provides unfiltered information about the guests in the interview, and that creates a sense of originality.

Press Conferences

Most people are always confused between business meetings and press conferences. To clear up your confusion, let’s know the exact definition. A press conference is a live event or we can say it is a gathering of all journalists or reporters for an event organized by notable persons, companies or organizations. Press conferences are held to make announcements or to answer questions from members of the press. However, the purpose of these webcasts is to connect with the public through communication with the press, and real feedback from reporters will enhance the next conference experience.

Business Meetings

Business meetings are also a part of live broadcasting services. You can stream your important business meetings live at your convenience. Isn’t that amazing? Webcast services have provided the best ways to grow your business by connecting with members and employees from another branch as well. Live streaming services have eliminated geographical barriers and are contributing to the network chain across the world.

Live Events

Live events include everything from live music concerts, standup comedy events, wedding telecasting, and sports events to big conferences or events that are happening in real-time. These types of live streams are breathtaking and can give you an experience that you’ll remember. Proper management with multi-camera live streaming enhances the overall performance of any live event. Plus it saves costs and gives you real-time experience at your home only.

Training Sessions

Training sessions are those live streams that educate people about new skills or information. Businesses use this kind of training session to offer knowledge, skills and expertise to their employees. However, training sessions are not only for business purposes as training lectures can be provided to anyone in any field ( schools, cooking, DIY etc).


Live streaming of sports events also comes under the category of things you can do with webcasts. There are many live services platforms such as Eurosports, FoxSports and many more that provide seamless live streaming. No doubt, if you are a fan of sports then you can catch your favourite games, team and players in action.

The Bottom Line

By the end of this article, we have discussed the ways in which you use webcast service and live stream your desired event. Webcasts are a boon to the virtual world of business, entertainment and personal purposes. Therefore, to grow more in your field use webcasting through a good webcast service provider and reach a large number of individuals.

Hope you learned about webcasts and things you can do with webcasts. Keep webcasting!

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