What Are The Types Of Heavy Hauling Trucks In The USA?

Transporting heavy hauling trucks necessitates the utilization of specialized logistics. Truck transporters or flatbed trailers with suitable weight capacities are crucial. Highly skilled workers are responsible for securing heavy haulers’ loading, transport, and unloading. They diligently comply with regulations to guarantee the safe delivery of these vehicles to their planned destination.

heavy hauling trucks

Types of Heavy Hauling Trucks

Flatbed Trailers

Flatbed trailers are a widely used method for shipping heavy hauling trucks. The trailers are designed with a flat and open platform, making loading and unloading heavy equipment effortless. Flatbed trailers are designed to accommodate heavy hauling trucks, allowing them to be driven onto the trailer and securely strapped down. This ensures the trucks remain in place and do not shift during transportation. Flatbed trailers are highly versatile and can easily accommodate a diverse range of heavy hauling trucks, regardless of size or configuration.

Lowboy Trailers

Lowboy trailers are designed specifically for the transportation of tall and heavy equipment. The lower deck height of these trucks enables the vehicle of taller heavy hauling trucks while complying with height restrictions. Lowboy trailers have multiple axles to distribute weight and maintain stability while transporting vehicle evenly.

Step Deck Trailers

Step deck trailers, also called drop deck trailers, are designed with a two-tiered deck. The front deck is elevated compared to the rear deck, resulting in a structure that resembles steps. This design enables the transportation of taller cargo that cannot fit under standard bridges and overpasses. Step deck trailers are famous for transporting construction equipment, industrial machinery, and tall vehicles.

Extendable Trailers

Extendable trailers, also known as stretch trailers, are designed to be adjustable in length, allowing them to accommodate various cargo sizes. The telescopic sections of their equipment can extend or retract as required. The versatility of extendable trailers makes them ideal for transporting multiple oversized and irregularly shaped loads, such as wind turbine components and long steel beams.

RGN (Removable Gooseneck) Trailers

RGN trailers, also called removable gooseneck trailers, are equipped with a detachable front section called a gooseneck. This gooseneck can be easily removed, allowing for the creation of a ramp. This ramp facilitates the loading and unloading of heavy equipment and machinery. This design is highly advantageous for both self-loading and self-unloading operations, contributing to its widespread popularity within the heavy hauling industry. RGN trailers are well-suited for transporting a diverse range of oversized and overweight cargo.

Multi-Axle Trailers

Multi-axle trailers are specifically designed to distribute the weight of heavy loads across multiple axles evenly. This configuration improves stability and minimizes the likelihood of overloading individual axles, ensuring compliance with weight regulations. Depending on the specific hauling needs, the trailers are available in different designs, such as dual-axle, tri-axle, and quad-axle setups.

Rail Transport

In some regions, it is possible to transport heavy hauling trucks using rail transportation. Specialized railcars are designed to transport heavy equipment, making them a cost-effective option for long-distance transportation within a country.

Specialized Trailers

Certain types of cargo are distinct and require specialized trailers specifically designed to accommodate their unique dimensions and characteristics. Various kinds of specialized trailers are available for transporting specific types of cargo. For instance, Schnabel trailers, such as nuclear reactors, are specifically designed to carry weighty and oversized loads. On the other hand, perimeter frame trailers are specifically built to transport large and irregularly shaped objects like tanks or industrial equipment.


Heavy hauling trucks are of utmost importance when transporting oversized and heavy cargo. Selecting the appropriate trailer is vital to ensure these loads’ safe and efficient transportation. Various types of trailers are available to cater to the specific needs of different industries and cargo types. These include flatbeds, lowboys, extendable trailers, and removable goosenecks. Heavy hauling trucks can remain the backbone of the logistics industry, delivering goods and equipment worldwide by choosing the appropriate trailer for each job.

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