Top 10 Major Do’s and Don’ts in Event Planning

Pulling off a successful, great event requires careful planning and execution. And for that, an event planner has to look at various factors, like logistics, organization, staff, finances, etc. Whether you are an event management companies in Dubai or working as a solopreneur, you will need in-depth guidance on what to do and what not to do as an event planner.

Following is the list of tasks you should do and should not do. You can analyze your performance and maximize your productivity based on these points.

What to Do in Event Planning?

1.     Create a detailed timeline

To make the event seamlessly flow throughout the day without hassle, event companies in Dubai create an effective and detailed timeline.


Another aspect is to make a timeline for the entire planning phase. You can set dedicated time or deadlines for every step of planning that will lead to that event. Set goals and deadlines for the week or month and communicate them properly with the team members to keep everyone in the loop.

2.     Maintain coherent communication

Communication is the backbone of every event. A coherent and seamless connection between team members is essential to keep everything in check and updated. Several top-tier event management companies use apps and event-management software to manage their widespread tasks and goals.


During planning or the day of the event, many urgent matters demand instant attention. If you do not maintain a well-established connection with your staff, there is a strong possibility of getting things wrong.

3.     Venue walkthrough

Visiting the venue or site of an event is the most important step in planning a successful event. It helps you envision the event. Plus, you can pinpoint the errors right there. From seating to decor and refreshment tables, you can plan for everything once you know the venue.


Event companies in the UAE always do a venue walkthrough even if they already know the place. They understand that the purpose of every event is different. So, keeping that in mind, they visit and plan everything.

4.     Make a checklist for the event day

The day of the event in itself is hectic, and to maintain discipline in providing the best service, top event management companies in Dubai create detailed checklists. There will be a million responsibilities for you on the event day, so it is better to write every little detail to avoid forgetting anything.

5.     Understand the targeted audience

The top event companies in Dubai invest time and effort in understanding their targeted demographic. It helps them communicate much more effectively. Plus, they can optimize the marketing strategies to engage with them.

What Not to Do in Event Planning?

1.     Don’t panic

As the leader in event planning, your body language must be confident and active. You must be at the forefront to take up any challenge that arises on the event day. For early professionals, it can be overwhelming, but events companies in the UAE have experts who handle every crisis professionally.


Panicking at the time of challenge or mishap will hit your team as well. So, remember to keep calm and do not lose your cool. Since you have coherent communication with your team, refer the relevant people to the site of the problem. Help the system to work itself. Sometimes, micromanaging stuff makes it more chaotic.

2.     Don’t neglect parking areas

Not having proper parking at the venue can prevent a huge audience from visiting. Plus, the ill word of mouth is the cost people pay for ignoring this important aspect. That’s why the big events companies in Dubai strongly focus on making the event comfortable and easy to access for everyone. And for that, they design well-thought-out parking areas.


When the UAE event management companies create or choose the best parking spaces for the guests and audience, they ask the following questions:


  • Is it spacious enough to accommodate everyone?
  • Is it paved or covered?
  • What is the distance between the venue and the parking lot?


Answering these fundamental questions, event management companies in UAE enrich the experience for the audience.

3.     Don’t ignore the contracts

All the top companies who deal in event management in Dubai have one thing in common. They are experts at making contracts with every vendor or service provider. With every detail written clearly, there are unlimited benefits of keeping everything on record.


It helps the service provider or client to keep an eye on everything like finances, logistics, and more. Plus, writing the crucial details saves your event company in Dubai from any unseen challenge that can arise later.

4.     Don’t ignore the budget

Budgeting correctly is the core skill of UAE event management companies. By getting the most affordable service providers, staff, and vendors, you win the trust of the client and make long-lasting working relationships with them.


Setting aside a budget for everything allows you to see the priorities of the event. You will put the refreshments and drinks on the top (if that’s important) or focus on the tech side of the event if it is a webinar or educational event. Mostly, these events require smoothly functioning multimedia and speakers.

5.     Don’t be late in sending invites

Sending invites timely for the event speaks volumes about your professionalism. Plus, it helps the attendees to carve out time from their schedules to attend the event. You can start promoting the event or send customized invites to the guests a couple of weeks earlier to ensure that maximum people participate.

Whether it is a corporate event or a seminar for a younger demographic, sending timely invites is a significant factor that gives you leverage over others who send late invites to their audience.


Regardless of the scale of your event, this list will help you shape your services as an event planner. Since it needs attention to detail and an attentive approach, you need to be extra careful with the best options to do and what you should avoid at any cost.

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