The Cat’s Eye Gemstone – Who Should Wear and Why?

The cat’s eye gemstone is an interesting stone with a beauty of its own. The stone has a unique effect on its surface which is known as the Chatoyancy effect. Due to this effect when the gemstone is kept under a direct source of light, there is a vertical band or slit seen on its surface. And with the golden brown hue of the stone, the slit of shades of greenish-blackish brown looks exactly like the eye of a cat looks like. Hence the name, ‘ Cat’s Eye Gemstone’.

The stone is also known by other names in Hindi in India like Lehsuniya or Vaidurya. Because of its unique look and beauty, this gemstone is often used in making jewelry or in decorative pieces. But mostly this stone is worn because of its Astrological significance, which we will discuss in this article.

Who Should Wear the Cats Eye Gemstone?

Astrology states that every gemstone is linked with an astrological planet as a source of energy which will affect anyone who is in the aura of the stone. People wear the gemstones for this reason – to change their fate, to transform their lives by letting the energy of the gemstone have an opposite and positive effect on their birth chart or kundli.

The Cat’s Eye gemstone has the ruling planet Ketu, a shadow planet; not a real planet as per science. The Ketu astrological planet is called a shadow planet because its negative effects cause a lot of trouble to the person. Hence, anyone who has the negative effects of the planet Ketu are advised to wear a natural Cat’s Eye Gemstone.

Other than that, astrologers say that this gemstone will be suitable for people born under the zodiac signs Capricorn and Aquarius. Under some circumstances,  Virgo, Taurus, Gemini, and Libra zodiac signs can also wear the cat’s eye gemstone.

However, it is best that you consult with an astrologer before wearing the stone and ensure the compatibility of the stone with your horoscope.

Benefits of Cat’s Eye Stone

The Cat’s Eye gemstone has a lot of value in astrological studies because of the belief that its physical and meta-physical properties provide a lot of advantages to whoever wears it with the proper Vedic pooja process.

There are Nine gemstones in the world which are the most powerful known as “Navratnas”, one of which is the cat’s eye gemstone as well. This stone is given a link with the cat’s eye. And so the belief has it that the cat’s eye gemstone has the spark and wideness as the cat’s eye.

Incredible Benefits of the Cat’s Eye Stone

Know the many benefits of wearing the Cat’s Eye Gemstone:

  • The Cat’s eye gemstone removes the negative effects of Ketu or any ket-related issues.

  • The energy of the stone protects the wearer from negative energies of all kinds such as evil spirits, bad omens, nightmares, manipulation, emotional trauma, etc.  The energy of an original cat’s eye gemstone will shield the wearer from the negative influences.

  • Because of the energy of the cat’s eye stone that protects the wearer from any harm or accident, ancient people used to wear this stone as an amulet.

  • The stone’s powers increase the intuition powers of the wearer, it increases the sixth sense of the person and helps to be more aware as well as alert of yourself and your surroundings. Your insights and instincts will enhance which will assist you in making better decisions as your intuitions will guide you.

  • Your self-awareness will help you evaluate yourself and analyze what are your strengths or weaknesses to let you work on them.

  • The cat’s eye stone benefits also include attracting wealth, success, prosperity, and abundance to the wearer.

  • The stone will also increase your determination, reducing your fears of failure or the fear of change which is stopping you from taking the big steps that can lead you to your success.

  • The Lehsuniya stone will help you grow spiritually as well as it will help you connect with the universe and its higher power. It will guide you on the right path of the light of God.

  • The Cat’s eye stone has the healing properties of physically healing a person. Any problems related to the eye are healed, and the digestion system strengthens, overall keeping the well-being of the wearer better.

Wrapping Up

The cat’s eye gemstone is one of the unique stones in the world which is known for its astrological significance and the beauty that this stone holds. This makes it a valuable stone with high price rates in the market.

You can buy a Cat’s Eye gemstone, original and authentic provided with a lab of certification from the reputable seller of Rashi Ratan Bhagya. You can purchase many loose gemstones from them such as Ruby, Red Coral, Emerald, Yellow sapphire, Blue sapphire, Opal, Pearl, Etc.

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