Surprising Yet Sureshot Natural Remedies For Thinning Hair!

The quality and volume of the hair on your head can make a massive difference to your image. This stands true for all the genders.

Although being bald is not a bad thing, it limits your confidence and grooming options.

What triggers the thinning of hair?

The process of hair loss can occur when, during the growth stage, the amount of hair follicles decreases and the resting step increases. This causes the effect of hair loss or thin hair. For such conditions, it is easy to use natural remedies for thinning hair. The same is also true for environmentally caused hair loss. Such natural remedies may be effective when compared to medications.

However, if you suffer from male pattern hair loss or female pattern one, such issues can be hard to reverse. You may not be able to grow new hairs in such balding areas. Hence, if you have a receding hairline, then very few such natural remedies can be of help.

In this case, it is best to avoid natural remedies for thinning hair and instead invest in permanent solutions like FUE or FUT to manage hair loss.

Types of natural remedies for thinning hair

Here are some of the common remedies for thinning hair –

  • Onion juice has sulphur, which is known to promote hair regrowth. It is best to put onion juice on your scalp twice a day. However, this can have a strong smell, and you will need something to mask the same.
  • Iron is a crucial nutrient that helps your body and hair. Opt for iron-rich food like fish, meat, tofu, etc.
  • Choose biotin, ie. Vitamin B7 for hair growth. Select rich sources like eggs, mushrooms, etc.
  • Adding zinc to the diet is a good idea. If the levels are low, it can impact your hair health. Thus, it is best to have a small quantity of this in your everyday diet.
  • Aromatherapy is also a great idea. Choosing oils like sandalwood, thyme, and rosemary is considered great for the body. Massage the oil on your head for 2 minutes before going to sleep.
  • Amino acids are also helpful for the body as these deliver proteins. Amino acids like cysteine, L-lysine, etc., aid in hair growth.

Natural remedies for thinning hair vs. Hair transplant 

Although there are numerous remedies for hair growth and maintenance, the right choice is often a personal decision. You can choose herbal oils, medications, and topical creams to save your hair.

Further, you can choose a hair transplant, a quick and easy way to solve the problem. By undergoing such procedures, it is possible to grow back your hair permanently. Further, not all natural remedies work for all. What may work for you may not be the best for your needs. Hence, it is crucial to ensure you choose the suitable alternatives that work for you.


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