Luxury On Wheels: Exploring Why Imported Cars Are So Expensive

Delving into the realm of imported cars unveils a world of luxury on wheels, accompanied by a hefty price tag. In this exploration, we unravel the factors contributing to the high cost, from custom engineering to top-tier materials, exploring why these vehicles demand a premium investment.

Why Do Imported Cars Cost So Much?

Only a small number of people can, however, afford such luxury. Because they are so expensive, imported cars are rare. We investigated the reason behind the exorbitant price tags on imported motorcycles and cars and discovered this.


Cars are transported between nations using ships or aeroplanes. Both options are unbelievably costly. Furthermore, you would want the cargo to be in top condition and the delivery smoothly. The assistance of car insurance, which will also cost extra money, can guarantee this.


A car import requires clearance at different stages. That means paying bills and completing paperwork. You will need to provide specific documents, such as a roadworthiness certificate, to the regional transport office in India. Cars under Rs. 30L must go through the Automotive Research Association of India’s homologation process. Your car will be considered a product that satisfies Indian regulatory standards and specifications after this process. These are all pricey procedures.


You’re about to have your mind blown! When importing a new car, the customs duty is 102%. It is 160% of the ex-showroom cost for used or antique vehicles. Due to these charges, your total car ownership expenses will now exceed 200% of the vehicle’s original price.


In addition to the financial consideration, one must abide by the laws and guidelines to register an imported car in India. The vehicle must only be driven in the right hand. The engine should have a displacement of at least 2500cc. This amount will only be permitted entry into the nation. Your new vehicle can be delivered to the ports in Chennai, Mumbai, or Kolkata if you ship it. Only the Mumbai port is open to those who want to import used cars into the nation.


Fortunately, the cost of a car insurance policy will depend on several variables, including the vehicle’s make and model, engine capacity, current insured declared value, owner’s claim history (if relevant), and insurance type. Consider Bajaj Allianz for car insurance with third-party coverage, securing financial protection for incidents involving third parties on the road. *

The exploration into the realm of imported cars has uncovered the intricate reasons behind their substantial price tags. From meticulous engineering to the use of premium materials, these luxury vehicles symbolise a commitment to excellence. As we appreciate the sophistication and innovation that come with imported cars, it becomes evident that their elevated costs reflect the pursuit of unparalleled driving experiences and the embodiment of automotive opulence on the road.

Therefore, consider your options carefully before importing a car now that you know these additional costs. Make sure you do the Bajaj Allianz car insurance renewal on time. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the motor insurance policy. *

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