Lucida Laminates for Every Room: Use Laminate in Good Ways

CenturyLaminates are a brand name in the field of laminates, and these are preferred by homeowners due to the benefits it provides to customers. They are economical, affordable, and durable. Moreover, they are available in various designs.

However, if you are wondering how exactly you can renovate your home with laminate sheets, we are giving a few suggestions.

Ideas to Design Your Interiors for Every Room

Laminates are a new way to decorate your home according to your theme. If you want to renovate your home on a budget, laminate sheets go well. Here are some ideas to decorate your home:

Give a New Look to Your Living Room

Commonly, we prefer paints for walls. However, ditch your normal paints once and see the magic of laminates on your walls. CenturyLaminates have various designs that can easily go with your theme. Let your walls reflect your personality! In case you want to give your furniture a new look, you cannot go wrong with laminate sheets. Laminates for living rooms not only give your furniture a modern look but also protects them from moisture, scratches, and many more.

Decorative laminates are very versatile. So, show your creativity with decorative laminates on counters, television shelves, cabinets, and even racks. Choosing the right kind of laminates that will compliment your décor theme and go with the colours on walls and just renovate your old cabinets with a fresh and shiny look.

An Aesthetic Approach to Your Bedroom

To give your room an aesthetic look, you can choose any laminate sheets that go well with your theme. With Lucida Laminates, you can give your room a makeover the way you want. You can also use laminates for your wardrobes in your bedroom. To turn your wardrobe into a highlight of your room, choose marble laminates. This will also give your room a clean look.

Again, ditch your paint and choose the laminate which describes your personality and goes well with your theme.


Laminates are considered an excellent choice to provide a finishing look to your washroom as laminates are resistant to moisture and, of course, water. Choose laminate sheets of a solid colour. Lucida Laminates provides its customers with laminate designs of various solid colours in different textures.

You can also try to go with a minimal theme for your washroom. It will give you a subtle yet classy look.

Renovate Your Kitchen

The kitchen is probably the busiest place in the house where not only meal is cooked but also the love among the family members. Kitchen also ensures the safety of all the members, so it is important to keep hygiene in your kitchen. What is a better option than laminates to provide hygiene in your kitchen? Laminates on your kitchen counter, walls, racks, and dining table provide extra care to them and also ensure their cleanliness.

If you want to renovate your kitchen, you can choose monochrome for a striking look. Suppose you are not into monochromes decoration. You can also opt for pastels. These are new trends in the field of aesthetics. Pastel colours such as lilac, green, and teal give a softer look to your kitchen. You can also give your kitchen a vintage look with wooden laminates. It would bring the essence and feel of nature into your kitchen, making it beautiful. You can also go with a décor with minimalism and a touch of modernity.


If you need premium quality laminate sheets, look no further because Lucida Laminates by CenturyLaminates provide its customer with laminate sheets that have antibacterial properties, resistant to heat and scratches, and have other benefits. Moreover, Lucida Laminates come in a variety of designs, such as solid colours, prints, different textures, and many more. This allows customers to choose from a variety of ranges. An understanding of different types of laminates and a few designs will make it easier to choose laminates for your home.  Read also!

Choosing these laminate sheets will make your house look beautiful and give it a classy look!

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