Lakhmir Singh Science Class 6: The Ultimate Learning Companion

Science is an interesting subject that we have studied early on in school. It is a subject of great interest for geniuses worldwide. The concepts of the subject have led to many fascinating discoveries. Be it questions on food resources or shadows, Lakhmir Singh’s Science Class 6 book has answers for everything. It is a subject that has the potential to spark our curiosity and foster rational thinking.

Studying the Science influencing phenomena worldwide leads to a better understanding of things in general. The Class 6 Science subject has a syllabus encompassing many interesting topics. It includes topics from food sources, microorganisms, light, motion and electricity. Students will get a comprehensive view and understanding of the various concepts with a scientific twist!

Get ready to dive deep into the ocean of interesting topics covered under the Class 6 Science subject!

About the Lakhmir Singh Science Textbook

Lakhmir Singh has been a student’s favourite author in scientific education. He has a wonderful knack for simplifying complex concepts for young learners. With a great passion for inspiring students to study new concepts, he has authored numerous books. Books written by Lakhmir Singh are of great resource for students and teachers. His books are popular for their easy language, clarity, and interesting illustrations.

Offerings of the Lakhmir Singh Science Class 6 Book

Lakhmir Singh’s books cultivate interest in students concerning the Science subject. The book is well-structured and provides students with all the necessary scientific diagrams, followed by students studying under the CBSE and CISCE boards of education.

Following are the unique offerings/features of the book:

Captivating Content

The scientific knowledge base is crucial for studying advanced concepts in future grades. Lakhmir Singh’s book helps us understand all the concepts smoothly, as the language is easy to understand. Those behind the book have presented the content in the book in a visually appealing manner. It makes the book quite captivating and interesting to learn from.

Complete Syllabus Coverage

The Lakhmir Singh Science Class 6 book covers all the topics and concepts covered in the syllabus. Students can go through all the chapters arranged in a well-structured manner. It helps in understanding the concepts well. The logical sequence of the concepts covered starts with the basics and gradually progresses to complex ones.

Visually Appealing Diagrams

As they say, a picture is louder than words. This book teaches with the help of visually captivating diagrams and pictures, with pristine diagrammatic presentations. Students can refer to these illustrations for long-term remembrance. The concept becomes clear once you have a look.

Practical Approach to Concepts

Science being a subject of practical nature, the concepts in the book follow the same approach. The book explains various concepts with the help of experiments, real-life examples and to-do activities. Students enjoy learning the various concepts as they easily understand their logic. It boosts their confidence.

Exciting Book Exercises and Activities

After studying the various concepts, it is crucial to test the progress made by the students. The book contains a variety of exercises and questions that will help the students test their knowledge. These questions include objective and subjective type questions. Also included are a few activities for practical understanding. These exercises prove to be an important study resource for the students of Class 6.


Were you always wanting to master the Science subject in school? Get your Lakhmir Singh’s copy for class 6 now! The book has been students’ favourite when it comes to studying the various concepts and theories of Science. It lays a strong scientific foundation among students and enhances their interest in the subject. Getmybooks highly recommends this Science book by Lakhmir Singh for Class 6 students. What are you waiting for? Grab your textbook today and explore the amazing discoveries of Science!

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