Kirby: 9 Best Villains In The Game

Kirby has met a few bad guys over the course of the series. These are the worst of the bad guys.

In a Mario game, we can expect to fight Bowser, and in a Zelda game, we can expect to fight Ganon or one of his forms. Kirby, on the other hand, has some recurring bad guys, but he usually has a lot more range than Mario or Zelda.

Kirby has met a lot of different bad guys over the course of his many games. Many of these bad guys had darker goals than most people would expect from a cute game like Kirby. Even though Kirby games don’t focus a lot on story and lore, that doesn’t mean that the bad guys he fights aren’t interesting and worth learning more about. Kirby has been the main character in a lot of games over the years. Who are the best bad guys he’s fought?

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