Is Final Fantasy 16 Or Final Fantasy 15 Better?

Does Final Fantasy 16 beat Final Fantasy 15, the game that came before it?

People know that Final Fantasy likes to shake things up. Final Fantasy 16 gets rid of a lot of the classic RPG features and tells a mature, action-packed story that takes place in Valisthe’s six medieval realms. Final Fantasy 15 is different from FF16 in the mainstream numbered series because it has a modern take on fantasy and gives you a lot of freedom to explore the open world of Eos.

Final Fantasy 15 and 16 are both part of the same series, but they have new characters, take place in different worlds, and can be played on their own. You can ride a Chocobo and meet a Moogle in both games, so now that those things are out of the way, here are some reasons you might choose FF16 over FF15, or vice versa.

Final Fantasy 16: Torgal

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