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Yes, watch size matters. You don’t want a watch with a band so loose that it slips up and down your wrist. If you want to buy wristwatch with correct size then use timeshop24 discount code and get the amazing discount. Nor do you want a watch with a case so large that it hangs out of your sleeve!

Strap size with Timeshop24 Discount Code

The straps of most dress and sports watches allow for easy adjustment. Some metal straps are made up of links, which can be added or removed.

The width of a strap refers to the distance between the lugs where the strap meets the watch case. In general, a strap should match the distance between the inside of the lugs on the watch head.

The length of the strap depends on the size of the wrist and includes two measurements: the length of the longest part and the length of the part where the buckle is located (excluding the buckle).

The length is expressed in millimeters, for example – 120/70 mm.

Here is a standard guide for choosing the strap length that fits your wrist:

  • 150 – 164 mm wrist = 120/70 mm strap
  • 165 – 178 mm wrist = 125/75 mm strap
  • 179 – 190 mm wrist = 130/80 mm strap
  • 191 – 203 mm wrist = 135/80 mm strap
  • 204 – 216 mm wrist = 140/85 mm strap
  • 217 – 229 mm wrist = 145/90 mm strap

Watch case dimensions

Now, while a large dial protruding from the sleeve is awkward and unattractive, a super-small case makes it difficult to read the time (it will also make your wrist appear huge).

A watch case must be proportionate to your build, not too bulky, and not too delicate.

For most men, the general rule of thumb for a watch case is between 34mm – 50mm in diameter (measurement across the watch face from side to side). If you have a particularly thin or narrow wrist, you may want to opt for something smaller than 40mm.

Case thickness

As a general rule, the thickness of the watch case is directly proportional to the diameter. That is, the larger the diameter, the thicker the case.

The thickness of a case has a lot to do with its design, particularly the type of movement. Mechanical watches need much more space for gears. The number of complications will also have an impact on the size… as will the overall style of the watch. It’s a good idea to choose a chest that aligns with your shape and size. Consider your arm size and what you want to wear the watch with. A watch that you wear with a suit should be thin enough to slip under your shirt cuff.

Choosing a watch that suits your needs and requirements

Every man is different. For some of us, something is enough to track physical activities at the gym or point in the direction of home while hiking. Some want the quality craftsmanship of a real mechanical watch. And still others want an elegant accessory to wear for formal events then use the timeshop24 discount code. A well-made watch can easily become an inseparable friend.

Questions and answers

Should I buy a mechanical watch?

The type of watch that’s right for you depends on several factors such as where or how often you will wear it and obviously on your tastes. A mechanical watch is a classic watch driven by small gears and wheels. A quartz watch is modern and battery-powered, while an automatic watch is a mix of the two. Mechanical watches are the most popular among watch connoisseurs, due to their complex construction. For a more in-depth description of each type of watch with pros and cons, scroll up.

Where can you buy men’s watches online?

Visit out online store and get the amazing offer on the different brand watches. It will help you filter your search by a strap, material, and movement type.

What are the best outdoor watches?

The best outdoor watch is the one that best suits the activity you need to do. If you want to purchase then use timeshop24 discount code. Moreover If you have to come into contact with water, you can choose a waterproof (or water-resistant) watch. If you just need to go hiking, a military watch or general sports watch will do.

What is the best thickness for a strap?

The thickness of a band has a lot to do with how it fits on your wrist. We have a lot of strap you can buy by using the timeshop24 discount code. When trying on a watch for the first time, consider the dimensions of the watch case, as well as the size and placement of the lugs.

If the watch case is small, or the lugs are small, a wide strap will look disproportionate. The same goes for large lugs or cases.

Rule of thumb – Look for a strap that is the same thickness as the lugs and no thicker than the case.

Which watches fit best on a small wrist?

A “small” wrist is generally defined as one that measures less than 17cm in diameter. For this size, you’ll want a watch with a case diameter under 40mm and a thin strap. Leave the large crowns, pushers, and other extra features for those with thick wrists.

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