How to Fix Wrinkled Leather?

Wrinkles can be the most horrifying sight for some people, especially if it’s on leather. Normal material can be freed from wrinkles by using go-to methods like ironing or steaming. However, things are different when it comes to leather. If you try to get wrinkles out of your leather goods, there is a high chance that you will end up burning the material. Ironing is not suitable for leather, so the question arises: How are you supposed to fix wrinkled leather if not by ironing?

Whether you own a men’s leather travel bag or a leather jacket, wrinkles can easily form on the products. This happens when you have kept your product unused for a long time, or it can happen over time as leather grows older. There are some ways you can get rid of wrinkles on your leather products. In this blog, we will tell you easy methods you can use to wrinkle leather bags for men.

Keep it Out

Keeping your goods inside can cause wrinkles on them because when you keep them inside a closet, you have to fold them to fit in. This can ruin the shape and create wrinkles on the surface. The easiest way to get rid of wrinkles is to get your leather product out and leave it in the open. It will take some time, but the wrinkles will go away, and your leather bag for men will be back to its original form. If you want to fix your leather jacket, it’s even easier. You can hang your jacket on a hanger and leave it outside the closet. This will get rid of the wrinkles for you.

Pull Gently

Once you have put the leather product out, you should start pulling the wrinkles gently so they can loosen up. If you are pulling a vertical wrinkle, make sure that you hold it from the top and bottom and pull it gently in both directions. You should also ensure that you don’t pull the material for too long. Leather can only take a limited amount of stress, and it depends on the type of the material as well. You should only pull from 3-5 seconds at once to be safe. This method is only usable for small wrinkles and won’t work on larger wrinkles, so make sure you only target them and don’t waste your energy.

Use Steamer

Steamers can be a good option to take out wrinkles from your leather goods, but you should do your research before buying a steamer. It is also important to understand the suitable heat for leather so you don’t ruin the material. You can use hand steamers to get rid of wrinkles, as they work well with all types of wrinkles on different materials.

Steam in the Shower

If you don’t have a hand steamer and don’t plan to buy one, there’s another way to steam your leather. Run hot water in the shower and let the steam build-up. Close the door so the steam doesn’t go outside, and hang the leather product close to the steaming place but far away from the shower so water can’t touch it. Leave it there for some time, and the wrinkles will go away. Wait till the bathroom starts to cool and the steam dissipates. Don’t let it cool completely so you can smooth the remaining creases out of the leather.

Cover the Leather Before Ironing

If you have no other way but ironing to get rid of wrinkles, we have a solution for you as well. Turn on your iron and keep it on low heat. Put a cloth on your leather goods and iron the cloth. This will transfer the heat to your leather bag for men without touching the iron directly. Make sure that the cloth is thin because if you keep a thick material between the iron and the leather, you will have to increase the heat. This method will take some time because the low heat will not do much for the wrinkles, but it is better than putting your iron directly on the leather. 

If you want to be completely safe, you can follow any of the above-mentioned methods to get wrinkles out of your men’s leather travel bag. An experienced leather buyer can also help you find out more ways to get your leather wrinkle-free. 

Leather is an expensive material, and you should make sure that your decisions don’t harm it in any way. We have seen people carelessly putting their leather goods at risk by using different methods of getting wrinkles out. You can follow this guide, and your leather will be as safe as it should be.

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