How to download Rufus for Linux?

In this modern computing era, we can install the operating system using bootable USB drives. As we know, a bootable USB drive carries all the necessary files required to install an OS. So, if you are looking for a straightforward way to create bootable USB drives with a free app, you are in the right place. Rufus is a free and famed open-source software that is used to burn ISO files to USB on the Windows platform. But a lot of users need to know if they can download Rufus for Linux. Someone says no and someone says yes. But what is the truth?

Everybody who has ever used this bootable USB tool which is only available for Windows, but if you wish to download Rufus for Linux, we have the method to introduce it for you! We can still use it with the help of Wine software. Thus, how do we use this method? Let’s take a closer look at this method. Keep reading!

What should you know about Rufus?

Rufus is a completely free and open-source application that lets you create bootable USB drives. Nonetheless, this app helps you to arrange all the different files on a DVD or on a computer by putting them in one ISO format. And with Rufus, you can install OS on a computer that lacks a CD/ DVD-ROM drive temporarily without intention. But can we download Rufus for Linux? Unfortunately, this app is still not compatible with Linux and it is only available for Windows devices. But we can use the Wine method to install this app on your Windows device and you can use other alternative methods.

Let’s see these methods in the next episode. Another highlighted usage of this application is that ISO can be burned to a disk or sent over the internet. Moreover, this is the most powerful USB bootable tool because it can make more than one boot in one drive then you can create a lot of boot files in one drive. And what I love about this app is its size (1.3 MB) compared to other utility tools, it is a very small space. Overall, let’s see how to download Rufus Linux latest version on our Linux devices.

Existing methods to download Rufus for Linux

From my perspective, we can try Rufus Linux download using these methods. Rufus is the best app to create bootable USB drives. So, if you want to install this app on your Linux, follow these methods!

  1. Using Wine method
  2. Using alternatives

Install Rufus for Linux using the Wine method

Simply, Wine is a sort of software or this is a type of open-source software. This is a completely free method and it is one of the most essential software if you are a Linux user. It allows you to run Windows applications on several Linux operating systems. If you really want to download Rufus Linux for free on your device, you can do so by installing the Wine software. But before installing this Wine software, we should have to know that our system is installed on 32 bits or 64 bits because it will help us choose the correct Wine version for our Operating System.

But the only drawback is that again even after installing it using Wine on Ubuntu, in our case, it couldn’t recognize the attached USB drives, which again closed the door for normal users to use Rufus on Linux. Thus in such situations what do we do? So, we can use alternative tools. Let’s see about that.

Using alternatives

If you want to create bootable USB drives, you can use these alternatives. Here you can use these alternatives;


This is completely free and open-source software for creating bootable USB drives. This app is fully compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. You can use UNetbootin to create bootable USB drives for various Linux distributions and the most important thing is that we can directly download ISO images within this app.


  • Cross-platform
  • You can download Linux ISO
  • Completely free and no virus


  • Bad support for Windows 10 version

Gnome Multi-Writer

This is another Rufus alternative for creating bootable USB flash drives on a Linux platform. Ideally, this is a multi-writer that is specially designed to ease up and speed up the process of burning multiple USBs with a single ISO image.


  • Very simple interface
  • Compatible with multiple USB drives
  • Fastest


It has no advanced boot options

Only available for Linux devices

What are the uses of Rufus?

  1. Download Rufus for Linux 2023 is a completely free app and open-source application
  2. You can easily create DOS-bootable USB sticks
  3. You can design BIOS or UEFI bootable drives
  4. It can create Windows To Go drives
  5. Check USB media for corrupted blocks
  6. Perform MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-256 checksums
  7. Upgrade startup time by running a background check of the ISO download benefits
  8. Delete splash screen from Ubuntu for persistent UEFI drives


Is this app free to use?

Yes, this is a 100% free app and you can use it without spending anything

Is this app only available for Windows devices?

Yes, this app is only available for Windows devices. But, you can download Rufus for Linux using the Wine method. Or you can download this app on your Mac device

Is Rufus safe?

Yes, this is a 100% safe application. And it is completely free from any viruses and malware

Does this app work on Windows 11?

Yes, this app works on the latest Windows 11. To create a Windows 11 boot disk with this app, just download the ISO from the official Microsoft website, then select it when you create the boot disk


Just as you read before, Rufus is a most essential and super-powerful application for Windows that allows you to create boot devices from external storage units, like USB flash drives and SD cards. But if you are wondering about how to download Rufus for Linux, you can get an idea from this tutorial.

And if you want to get more info, please follow our official website. So, try to download this app on your device. And if you have any questions, comment on your ideas through our comment section!

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