Emerald Gemstone: Astrological Benefits, Price, and Who Should Wear?

Emerald gemstones, often known as Panna stones, derive all of their beauty from the natural world. The Panna stone, which is mined from the earth’s core, is extremely valuable and uncommon. Its vibrant tone, which has a greenish tint over the entirety of its lustrous surface, is to die for. And, dare I say it, people have died for it.

The Inca and Aztec civilizations around 3500 BC chose death over revealing the location of the valuable gemstones’ source to the Spanish conquistadors.

The human race has been drawn to this stone by its beauty from the beginning of time. Rich people made this stone a symbol of their royalty and pride. Being one of the most sought-after gemstones ever, it has always been in demand.

This magnificent gem was utilized by many monarchs and rulers in their crowns and other jewelry pieces. However, the Panna stone’s beauty is not just in the way it looks; it is also in the qualities it possesses.

We’ll talk about this stone’s magnetism in this post, including its attractiveness, enlightenment, or usefulness.

Incredible Benefits of the Panna Stone

An Original Emerald gemstone has many spiritual and physical healing properties. The Panna stone has the dynamic power to provide strength and courage to the person who wears it. This stone also enhances the leadership qualities and communication skills of the wearer. The stone makes the circulation of energy flow from and surroundings to the body and soul of the wearer. It transits the energies to the person to heal the body, calm the mind and give purpose to the soul.

Physically, the energy of the Panna will cure heart problems, insomnia, and skin diseases.

Along with it, the stone will provide balance in emotional turbulences. It will increase positivity in the wearer by imparting confidence, hope, and understanding.

It will also increase creativity and intellectual skills.

The emerald stone also activates the heart chakra in the body of the wearer which regulates the emotions in the person. It will increase love, harmony, and peace and will reduce depression and anxiety.

Emerald Gemstone Price

There are various sizes and shapes of emerald stones available in the market. Because of this, their cost varies from stone to stone.

Some panna gemstones that have not been properly polished, cut, or treated may be inexpensively priced. The possibility exists that they are man-made emeralds.

The price of an original Emerald gemstone varies according to the color, clarity, cut, and carat weight of the gem and ranges from INR 3000 to INR 400,000 per carat.

Who Should Wear the Emerald Gemstone?

This beautiful stone suits everyone’s personality as it looks elegant. But it does not suit every zodiac sign. An original emerald stone is one of the Navratans, the most powerful nine gemstones found on earth as per Vedic Astrology. Hence, this gem is highly valuable and influential.

As per the astrologers, people who can wear this gemstone as per their zodiac should be worn under the sun signs Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius. It will be suitable for them.

Although, before wearing a gemstone we would suggest you should consult an astrologer. Only if the stone suits your fate, you should wear it. Also, ensure that if you are wearing the stone with another stone, it is going along with it.

Note: To get the maximum benefits of the Panna Stone, you should know how to wear it properly through the proper Vedic process – The Power of Emerald: Who, How & Why to Wear Panna Stone?


The most significant gemstone of all time is the emerald stone because of its brilliant richness of green hue and fineness. This gemstone, in addition to being eye-catching, also has several other advantages, such as healing qualities, self-awakening, and boosting confidence.

Exquisite panna stone is not only a stunning piece of jewelry but also acts as a beneficial charm for the wearer. It will give your personality grace and bring luck o your fate.

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