A new drug target could alter the way you take chronic pain medications

A new study has revealed Oxycontin an avenue for treating chronic and pathological pain and could mean more effective treatment options for those suffering from chronic pain in the future.

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An upcoming study revealed an undiscovered drug target that could alter the way we treat chronic pain in the future.

Pain from chronic causes can be “the most common cause of long-term disability,” Oxycontin  according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Indeed, one recently published study

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The NIH estimates that over 25 million individuals in the United States (or over 11 percent of the adult population) suffer from chronic pain. This means they’ve suffered from pain on a daily basis over the last 3 months.

In some instances, Oxycontin  chronic pain could be the result of something like an injury or infection, the majority of times, the reason for chronic pain is not known.

Since the causes are unsolved, chronic pain can’t be completely cured. But, Buy Oxycontin online medications usually aid as do researchers who are working to find better treatments.

A new study, published within the journal PLOS Biology revealed an unexplored treatment option for chronic pain. It could aid researchers in developing an alternative treatment for discomfort in the near-term.

The team was headed by Prof. Dr. Matthew Dalva, of the Department of Neuroscience at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA. The team has examined a process known as phosphorylation and its effects on the way chronic pain manifests and the types of sensations it creates.


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is a term that refers to the common biological process by which proteins change as a response to environmental stimuli.

The identification of an entirely new pain receptor

Research has previously identified the pain receptor N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) and also the significance of it playing an important role in pathological pain.

But this receptor is crucial in learning and memory therefore, drugs that attack this receptor will also alter these functions.

In the study that Professor. Dalva and colleagues identified another receptor that plays an important role in the process of pain. In their study, researchers focused on neurons specifically.

In particular, through a series of tests on cell cultures as well as in vivo, the researchers discovered that, in response injuries-induced pain the ephrin B protein alters the brain cells. The phosphorylation that occurs outside the cell permits for the ephrin B receptor bind onto the NMDA receptor, which then moves it to the synapses.

This alters the functioning that the NMDA receptor, leading to a greater sensibility to pain.

According to the authors that pathologic pain differs from pain triggered by inflammation or injury because it’s a result of cell dysfunction.

Since pain manifests at a cell level, it will not disappear even after the original cause has disappeared such as with chronic pain, or the frequent migraine.

In order for a cell to perform properly, proteins need to be placed in the proper place. The thing that the study reveals is that in the event that chronic pain is present, the mechanism that is known as”phosphorylation “moves” the proteins away from the nerve, creating cell dysfunction and pain.

In addition, by using a mouse model scientists were also capable of testing a variety of chemicals that blocked the unintentional synergy between ephrin B receptor as well as the NMDA receptor.

Interrupting the connection between two receptors halted the pain. In contrast, bringing two receptors in close proximity caused an increase in sensitization to pain.

The lead author of the study reflects on the importance of the results, stating, “Because the protein modification that triggers nerve sensitivity pain is not present in cells, this gives us a better to target for developing drugs. This is an exciting development in the area of pain management.”

“Although we have yet to discover the exact mechanism that causes this modification […] this finding offers both a target for developing new treatments and a strong new tool for studying synapses in general.”

A list of the pressure points in the body that relieve discomfort.

Acupressure involves applying pressure on certain acupoints on the body. The application of pressure to these points can ease different kinds of pain.

Acupressure is a traditional healing method that has its roots in China.

Each pressure point is associated with one of the parts within the human body. When you apply pressure to an Acupoint may result in

positive outcomes on these other fields.

Acupressure can be used to treat lower back pain as well as period pain. It also helps manage the pain that occurs during labor. Certain cancer patients have also discovered that acupressure can ease their pain.

This article focuses on pressure points that may aid in relieving pain.

What are the pressure points?

Pressure points are various locations on the body that are that are used to apply the application of acupressure. The pressure applied to a pressure point alters the corresponding body component.

Pressure points that are massaged can trigger muscles’ nerves. The nerves transmit information to your central nervous system. This can help to reduce the sensations of pain.

It also can cause physical effects on the body. For instance, Buy Oxycontin acupressure may aid in reducing levels of the Cortisol, a stress hormone. The targeted pressure points boost your flow of endorphins into the brain. These chemical changes can ease stress and may even increase blood flow.


Acupressure focuses on specific pressure points to manage various ailments. In the case of a particular condition an acupressure professional may choose to target one or a few pressure points.

Based on ancient wisdom Acupressure can help balance energy levels within the body. This can lead to pain relief

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and healing from various conditions. Because acupressure is inexpensive and non-invasive, it’s usually accessible and secure alternative treatment.

Acupressure research has shown that it can decrease

the intensity of pain in people with cancer. It can increase the intensity of pain for people with cancer. It also reduces the pain that comes with the birth process, heart disease pain, and osteoarthritis.

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