A Dhow Cruise Tour is One of the Most Popular Things to Do in Dubai

A Dhow Cruise Tour is one of the most popular things to do for tourists visiting Dubai. This is a wonderful way to see the city and enjoy a delicious meal on the water at night. The skyline is beautiful when it is lit up and the whole experience is very romantic. The cruises also often feature entertainment, which makes it even more fun for families and friends. Tourists should always keep the number of people in their groups in mind when making a reservation for the dhow cruise. This is important because dhows are typically only able to handle a certain number of people at a time. It is also a good idea to make sure that the foods on the cruise are suitable for all tastes. If a person is vegetarian, they should ask the dhow company to be sure that the buffet offered will not contain meats or fish.

Dhows have been plying the waters off the Arabian Peninsula for hundreds of years, bringing all manner of goods to and from India, East Africa, and beyond. These days, container ships take over much of the cargo business, but the dhows have adapted to keep the local economy going strong. Now, dhows ply the waters off of Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek, and the Dubai Canal, offering sightseeing tours and fine dining experiences to tourists from all over the world.

Dubai is an exciting place to visit any time of year, and a dhow cruise is a great way to see it at its most magical. The city’s towering skyline is particularly stunning at night, when the glimmering lights of Burj Khalifa and other landmarks shine like beacons over the waterfront. The cool sea breeze blowing through your hair is a refreshing contrast to the city’s soaring highrises, and seeing the city from the water is an unforgettable experience.

While record-breaking skyscrapers, pristine beaches, and massive malls define Dubai’s image worldwide now, the city has a rich heritage that can be traced back to Bedouin culture. Many of these traditions remain, including heartwarming hospitality and traditional dhow cruises.

The dhow cruises that run around Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek, and the Dubai Marina Yacht Club are some of the best in the city. These dhows offer the perfect blend of heritage and modernity, with onboard entertainment that includes Tanura shows and stirring Arabic and Hindi music. This is a great way to spend an evening with family or friends and is guaranteed to make your vacation in Dubai a memorable one. Soak in the enchanting views of the glittering skyline as you dine on international dishes aboard this unique boat. Book your dhow cruise now to guarantee a spot on this unforgettable experience!


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