9 Similar Games To Play Like Sniper Elite 5

If you played Sniper Elite 5 and want to play more games like it, these are some good options.

With Sniper Elite 5, the latest game in the Sniper Elite series, the bar for crazy shooting action has once again been raised. In this series, the goal is to shoot people in the head, groin, or any other body part. After your last shots, there are gruesome animations that show how badly you hurt your target. If you think all of that sounds a little too much, you’d be right.

This show lives for these kinds of responses. The story and character growth aren’t as important in Sniper Elite 5, but the world design and customization options have been praised. Even though it looks silly on the outside, there is a lot of meaning to how you kill your enemies. It sets a pretty high bar for other games about World War II. You’ve come to the right place if you want to play more games that are funny, gross, or just plain sneaky.

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