9 Best CAS Items In The Sims 4 Horse Ranch

These are the things in The Sims 4 Horse Ranch that remind you of a ranch.

Life in The Sims 4 Horse Ranch is not only beautiful, but also very fashionable. Even though there are wide-open areas and beautiful horses, fashion rules. We’ve put together a list of the nine best Create-A-Sim (CAS) items that will make your rancher and their horses look like they just stepped out of a country western fashion magazine. These items range from long braids for women to cute button-downs for toddlers.

Grab your lasso and hop on your horse, because we’re going to take a ride through these stylish and useful CAS items that show country life isn’t just about working hard—it’s also about looking good while you do it.

Long Feminine Braid

sims-4-horse-ranch-cas-1.jpg (740×370)

First of all, let’s talk about how you do your hair. In a world where horseback and fashion meet, the side feminine long braid is the most popular hairstyle. Ranch chic is best summed up by this one-of-a-kind and gorgeous haircut. With 24 colors to choose from, you can match the color of your hair to how you’re feeling. Go for natural colors or let your wild side out with some cool colors that aren’t natural.

No matter what you choose, this braid is stylish and useful for riding those beautiful horses. This braid will help you tame both your mane and your heart, whether you’re racing through the fields or dancing at the barn dance.

Cowboy Hat

sims-4-horse-ranch-cas-9.jpg (740×370)

A standard cowboy hat is an important part of any rancher’s outfit. In The Sims 4 Horse Ranch, these hats are more than just decorations; they show who your owner is.

With 12 colors to choose from, including some cute ones with cow prints that go with the theme, you’ll be shading your eyes in style. Want a little splash of color? How about a pink cowboy hat to make your horseback riding experiences a little more fun? People will be impressed and say “yeehaw” to you.

Wrap Dress With Belt

sims-4-horse-ranch-cas-2.jpg (740×370)

The wrap dress with a metal belt is the perfect outfit for romantic nights under the stars with your cowboy or cowgirl husband. This dress has a quiet charm that is sure to catch the eye of your special “Sim”-one, whether you’re going on a date or to a barn dance.

With 12 colors to choose from, it’s easy to find the right dress for any event. And let’s be honest, even on the ranch, it’s important to look great.

Off The Shoulder Tee

sims-4-horse-ranch-cas-3.jpg (740×370)

Do you feel like the main character in a country-western romance book? Well, the off-the-shoulder tee will make that dream even more real. This cute top comes in 13 different colors and patterns, some of which are about horses and ranches.

This simple but stylish t-shirt will make you look like the main character in your own love story, whether you’re brushing horses or just walking around the ranch. Get ready to fall in love with a few of the country hands.

Cowboy Boots

sims-4-horse-ranch-cas-4.jpg (740×370)

What would a ranch be without a good pair of cowboy boots? In The Sims 4 Horse Ranch, any owner worth their salt needs to have these classic shoes. These classics have been around for a long time, but they are more than just shoes. They are a statement of rugged style and a sign of the adventurous spirit that makes ranch life what it is.

With 13 color options, it’s easy to find the right pair of cowboy boots to go with any outfit. Whether you’re fixing fences, riding horses, or doing the two-step under the stars, you’ll feel confident in these boots. Never before has ranch life been so cool.

Long Masculine Hair

sims-4-horse-ranch-cas-5.jpg (740×370)

Attention, male Sims: do you want to be the main character in a romantic comedy about horses? You need the long-haired shag to be the right love interest. This rugged haircut can be styled in 24 different ways, so you can look like the ranch heartthrob you were meant to be.

You’ll have a tough look that will make the Sims fall in love with you in Drift Boss. Time to let your hair blow in the wind as you ride off into the sunset.

Shearling-Inspired Jacket

sims-4-horse-ranch-cas-6.jpg (740×370)

For those cold nights at the ranch, you’ll want to stay warm and stylish. This is where a jacket that looks like fur comes in. This stylish and warm coat has fur accents and comes in eight colors. It will keep you warm on cold nights at the ranch.

But this jacket is more than just a way to stay warm; it’s also a statement piece that makes any outfit look a little more stylish. The whole ranch will be jealous of you. Even the horses might neigh to show that they agree.

Toddler Button-Down

sims-4-horse-ranch-cas-7.jpg (740×370)

Your little aspiring cowboy also needs some western style. The toddler’s button-down shirt is so cute that you can’t stop looking at it. It has a variety of cute horse and cow patterns, as well as some plain colors. With a total of 13 choices, your baby will be the talk of the ranch and make all the Sims smile. Dressing up your little one has never been so cute or fashionable.

Get ready to have your heart melted by how cute your little cowboy is. Who knew that putting clothes on a child could cause so much cute trouble on the ranch?


sims-4-horse-ranch-cas-8.jpg (740×370)

We also can’t forget about the ranch’s real stars: the horses! These beautiful animals should look as great as their human peers, which is why they have three different saddles. Each saddle comes in a wide range of colors and patterns, so you can choose the one that looks best on your horse.

You can choose the right saddle for your horse, whether you want a classic western look or something more colorful. With these saddles, your horse friends will be able to trot along with their stylish cowboy in style, turning heads and winning hearts.

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