7 Best Utility Perks In Remnant 2, Ranked

When their Utility perk is unlocked, some Archetypes in Remnant 2 can become very strong and tough.

Utility perks in Remnant 2 may not seem very important at first, especially since many of the other Archetype perks will be much more useful in-game, but they shouldn’t be ignored because they can give small improvements and tweaks that make a character easier to use, especially once they are upgraded at level 8 with a specific Archetype.

These perks are mostly made to work well with the character’s other traits and skills. You could think of them as “quality of life” changes that play to the strengths of each Archetype. Because of this, some Utility Perks aren’t very important or visible, but others can give stat boosts that are a little more important for a class to be at its best.

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