6 Key Advantages of Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed Auto Transport

Every auto transportation company provides two service options to move vehicles from one state to another, with the first being open auto transport, where the vehicles are loaded on open trailers while exposing them to external factors like weather conditions and road hazards.

On the other hand, enclosed auto transportation services provide more advantages as they do not keep the cars in the open, decreasing the risk of damage.

Let us discuss in this blog the key advantages that enclosed auto transportation provides to us while transporting a vehicle from one place to another:

Enclosed Trailers Offer More Protection

Enclosed trailers by enclosed auto transportation services offer more protection to the vehicles during transport as they protect them from all outdoor elements that could cause damage to the delicate parts of the vehicles. The enclosed trailers are of two types, mainly hard-shell trailers made of rigid materials like aluminum, tin, and fiberglass. On the other hand, we have soft-shell carriers made of durable materials.

Here, hard-shell trailers provide greater protection as they are harder than soft-shell trailers.

Small and don’t Fit Many Cars

The size of enclosed carriers is usually the same as that of open carriers, but due to being fully enclosed from all sides, they cannot load vehicles as much as the open carriers. Due to these characteristics of enclosed carriers, they offer delivery of vehicles much more safely to the destination as they forbid shaking and moving during transportation.


More security

The enclosed auto transportation services by shipping companies provide much more safety and privacy to the clients’ vehicles while transporting their cars over a long distance. They are equipped with hydraulic lift, which helps horizontal loading of the vehicles down to the ground, providing more safety to the vehicles, especially the low-clearance types. An enclosed carrier is of three types, namely:

  • One-level, one-car trailers,
  • One-level, multi-car trailers, and
  • Multi-level multi-car trailers


Professional Drivers

Clients dealing with expensive car delivery will prefer an enclosed auto transportation service. The drivers are usually highly qualified since enclosed carriers deal with expensive cars. They ensure safety during transportation by avoiding road accidents to ensure the vehicles’ safety.



Another advantage of hiring enclosed transportation services is that they offer privacy. Privacy means not showcasing your expensive vehicles during transportation or taking pictures. Such privacy can only be possible in the case of enclosed carriers.


White Glove Transportation Option

Many auto transport companies that provide enclosed auto transportation services adhere to white glove transportation options. This is a premium automobile transportation service where you can expect extra care for your luxury cars, like door-to-door delivery, all-time tracking, and personalized options to ensure the safety of your car.

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If you want to transport your expensive cars from one place to another, consider the various features before deciding. Enclosed auto transportation services provided by auto shipping companies provide the most safe and easy transport of your vehicles.


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