5 Most Popular Tricks to Win an Online Ludo Game

Ludo is an all-time favorite and a well-known board game. The inspiration came from the ancient game of Pachisi. It is a smoother version of the traditional game. Ludo has four houses, so it is a multiplayer game. At a time, four players can participate in this game. The board game version has been replicated in the virtual world and provides players with the energetic punch of a Ludo game. 

You can download the Ludo App to enjoy this game on any mobile device. Therefore, you don’t need to carry any items to play Ludo online. You only need your device, which can be Android or iOS, to play Ludo online. There are obvious advantages to playing Ludo online through a Ludo app.

You don’t need to worry about the board, dice, or tokens because you can play with anyone worldwide. It makes the virtual Ludo game even more exciting and thrilling. Playing with strangers also opens up communication routes with people from different regions. The visuals and sound effects make the gaming experience invigorating. You can type and chat with other players while playing Ludo online through the chat box option.

Sure-Shot Ways of Securing Victory in Ludo

A defeat usually bugs ardent players while playing Ludo online with friends or strangers. If you are one of those players that feel grumpy when you face a loss, then there are some strategic tips to win this game. These tactical moves are as below:

  1. Place All Your Tokens on the Board Early: Each player has four tokens. Your tokens come out of the play yard when you roll a six. Use the rolled dice to your advantage and take out all your tokens from the play yard and place them on the board. There is no point in moving one because you should ensure that all four enter the home triangle. So spread your tokens on the board from the very beginning. 
  2. Decide Between Aggressive and Safe Play: In Ludo, you get to eat tokens of your opponent’s when they move on the board and are ahead of you. You might get lucky with the perfect dice roll and send an opponent’s token back to the play yard. But here, winning depends on bringing your tokens into the home triangle, so you need to decide early on what your strategy is going to be. You can be aggressive and eat tokens at every opportunity or prioritize taking yours safely around the board. 
  3. Don’t Miss the Safe Spots: On the Ludo board, certain marked squares are safe for any token. It means that opponents cannot eat your Ludo token when you are in that safe square. Thus, while your opponent chases you, you prioritize taking your token into those safe squares. However, the roll of your dice plays an essential role here. 
  4. Don’t Wait for All the Tokens to Arrive Home: You have four tokens, and to reach the home triangle, you need to get the exact number on the dice. But sometimes, you are so focused on bringing your tokens home that you forget to finish the journey of your tokens. If an opponent manages to enter all their tokens in the home triangle while you wait to get all yours, then you will lose. 
  5. Double your Tokens: This strategy will help you to save your tokens from being eaten by opponents. Apart from the star-marked and home squares, your Ludo tokens are not safe, but if two of them move together, opponents cannot eat yours swiftly.


Playing Ludo online is a great experience. With the advent of Ludo apps, you can easily play Ludo online, and with the help of the mentioned tricks, you can rest assured that your winning streak shall remain intact. It is a fact that Ludo is just a game, but winning always matters to diligent players. Therefore, if you love to play Ludo, you will love these tricks that will help you to win this game.

So, when will you play your next game? We hope that these tips we shared with you come in handy and help you to ace your game like a winner. All the best for your game. Keep playing and keep winning.

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