3 Easy Ways To Download Photo From Instagram To Computer

DownloadGram? Do you want to download your favorite Instagram photos on a computer? You can’t directly download any media file from Instagram. Why? It doesn’t provide a downloading option to its users. Therefore, you can use different unofficial methods for that. They are,

  • Searching via page source
  • Using Sked’s Chrome extension
  • Using third-party Instagram downloaders

They allow you to download Instagram photos easily and quickly. All these methods are simple and not complicated to handle. If you use Instagram downloaders, you can download watermark-free photos. Thus, you don’t need to edit or crop the videos to remove the watermark. How do they work? 

Searching via Page Source

If you want to download high-resolution photos, you can use searching via the page source method. It is another method to download Instagram photos on your computer. Here is the step guide to downloading Instagram photos on computers by using the search via page source. 

  • Open the Instagram photo in your browser.
  • Click the “…” at the top right of the photo.
  • Tap “Copy Link”
  • Enter the link in your browser’s Window. Then, press Enter/ Return.
  • Click View > Developer > View Source in Chrome to access the Chtome’s page. 
  • In the “View Source” Windowpane, click CTRL + F (PC) or Command + F ( Mac) and paste or type in “.jpg”.
  • The first URL to appear is usually the image you want to save. 
  • Copy the URL. Then paste it into another tab to produce a window with the image.
  • Save the photo to your computer.

Using Sked’s Chrome extension

Do you want to save Instagram photos to repost them for your user-generated campaign? The best way is Sked’s Chrome Extension.

  • First, sign up for a Sked social account. Then open your Chrome browser and download the extension here. 
  • Hit the icon “Add to Chrome” and approve any browser prompts.
  • Then, hit the Sked Social Regram icon in your Chrome Extension toolbar. 
  • Now, sign in using your Sked Social Account credentials.
  • Enter your new caption in the caption box.
  • You can hide hashtags in the First Comment box if you like.
  • Queue, schedule or Send your post to “Drafts” automatically. 
  • Click “Submit Post”

Use of third-party Instagram downloaders

The most efficient way to download Instagram photos is using third-party Instagram downloaders. It helps you to download Instagram media files within a few simple steps. As well as they let you download watermark-free Instagram media files. Therefore, you don’t want to edit or crop the videos to remove the watermark. What are the best Instagram downloaders that you can use? They are Image Downloader for Instagram, 4K StoreGram, DownloadGram, IG Downloader, etc. 

Image Downloader for Instagram

It is a perfect Instagram downloader that helps to download Instagram photos on the computer. The Image Downloader supports Firefox, Opera, and Chrome web browsers. Likewise, the Extension adds a download button for all Instagram pictures. Then after clicking the button, the photos will download automatically to the default download location. But you can download one image at a time. 

4K StoreGram 

The 4K StoreGram is the best desktop Instagram photo downloader. It is an open-source cross-platform and is available for free. Likewise, it allows the simultaneous download of multiple photos only for Mac Operating systems. Also, the 4K StoreGram allows you to download images from private Instagram accounts. As well as you can download Instagram videos in MP4 format. 


Do you want to download HD-quality Instagram photos safely? For that, the best solution is DownloadGram. It is a 100% safe application and free from viruses and malware. Likewise, the Instagram media file downloader displays more advanced features. Hence, it has a massive fan base around it. 

The software is available online and for free. Also, the software lets you download countless high-quality media files without any limits. As well as the Instagram image downloader supports multi-devices. Therefore, you can apply it to any device, such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. That is why I recommend using DownloadGram as the best solution for an Instagram image downloader. Here we provide a step guide to downloading Instagram media files using the software. 

  • First, open the Instagram app or the website.
  • Copy the URL of the Instagram photo you wish to download.
  • Then go to the Instagram photo downloader.
  • Paste the URL of the image into the input box.
  • Click on the “Download” button.
  • Wait a few moments to convert Instagram files to JPG/MP4 automatically. 
  • Then scroll download to the media preview.
  • Finally, press the “Download” button to start the downloading process. 

IG Downloader

IG Downloader is also a great app to download Instagram images directly to your devices. It helps to download IGTV videos easily. Likewise, the software holds a manageable and user-friendly interface. Also, IG Downloader helps you download videos from private accounts. As well it lets you download profile photos. However, sometime technical issues may occur. 

What’s more?

Apart from the above-mentioned three methods; there is another method that is taking screenshots. It is also the easiest way to download Instagram photos on computers. When you take screenshots, the size and the resolution of the Instagram photo don’t matter. 

Here we provide both step guides to download photos from Instagram on computers by taking screenshots. 

For PC

  • Open the Instagram photo within your desktop browser.
  • Open the snipping tool on your PC. 
  • Adjust your Snipping “Mode”. 
  • Then, click “New” in the menu toolbar.
  • Now, choose the area of the image you want to snip.
  • Select the “Save Snip” button after capturing your snip.
  • Type a file name, location, and type in the Save as box, and proceed by clicking the Save.

For Mac 

  • Open the Instagram photo within your desktop browser.
  • Hold download Shift + Command + 4
  • Choose the area of the image you need to capture by dragging.
  • Finally, find the image saved as a .png file on your desktop after taking the screenshot.


Here we have provided three methods to download Instagram photos to your computer. Those methods are simple and easy to handle. However, the most efficient way to download media files from Instagram on the computer is using Instagram downloaders. Try them

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